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Does your jaw crack often? Do you experience chronic jaw pain? You may suffer from a TMJ disorder. Call  Corporate Center Dental Care in Lexington, KY today at (859) 223-4644 to schedule a consultation!


TMJ Treatment at Corporate Center Dental Care

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TMJ PainTired aching cheek muscles or noisy jaw joints are not normal; this could be the beginning symptoms of a compromised TMJ. The temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the most complex joints in the body.  Our TMJ is utilized throughout the day for functioning when we speak and chew, but is also important to the way our teeth and jaw align.  After careful analysis of the TMJ Drs. Feck and Combs will diagnose you with a healthy TMJ or with TMD (temporal mandibular disorder) to customize your treatment for your needs.  TMD can cause pain in the joint, head, neck and shoulders.  Facial pain and headaches may be caused from TMJ dysfunction and stress.  If the TMJ is misaligned or stressed Drs. Feck and Combs can help restore your function to normal and prevent future joint problems.  

Our doctors have dedicated extensive hours of continuing education to studying occlusion of the teeth.  Occlusion is the way the teeth come together to function and is one of the most complicated debatable subjects in dentistry.  When treating your TMJ Drs. Feck and Combs will apply bite therapy principles to intervene with common habits such as grinding and clenching which may be causing unnecessary stress to the joint.

Common TMJ Complications

Most common complications from TMJ dysfunction are headaches, unnecessary tooth ware, and arthritis.  The majority of problems with the TMJ can be prevented easily and comfortably by wearing a bite guard while you sleep.  More complex TMJ problems may require surgery, orthodontics, physical therapy, or tooth reconstruction.  Stress prevention to the TMJ is the best medicine for long term health. Drs. Feck and Combs can provide you a comfortable affordable bite guard to prevent your joint destruction.  

At Corporate Center Dental Care Drs. Feck and Combs will monitor the function of your TMJ to insure that you keep this joint healthy for a lifetime. Our precisely fitted bite guards can often alleviate TMJ discomfort without further treatment.  Drs. Feck and Combs will use replicas of your teeth to fabricate a custom protective guard that fits securely over each tooth.  If your problems are big or small our doctors have the solution and direction for you to take.   Call us today for your complete exam! (TMJ exams are always included)