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Root Canals Aren’t Bad Things; Here’s What to Expect During Recovery

October 13, 2023

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Woman has curious expression

Modern root canal procedures are not the horrible ordeals they are portrayed to be on TV. Local anesthesia makes receiving a root canal only about as uncomfortable as receiving a dental filling, and it can spare you the unbearable pain of a toothache and the tooth loss that will eventually result from it. While root canals carry all these benefits, you can still expect a few days of mild discomfort after receiving one. Here’s what you can expect during recovery as well as a few ways to keep you comfortable while you’re still healing.


Why Would You Need a Root Canal Retreatment?

September 14, 2023

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A dentist performing a root canal retreatment on a woman

If you’ve just had a root canal, you’re probably glad it’s over. That’s only natural – extended time in the dentist’s chair isn’t exactly thrilling. Still, there’s something you should know: root canals sometimes need to be redone. The initial therapy doesn’t always work out, requiring that you get a second round. Your Lexington dentist can explain if you want the details. To that end, here are some reasons you may have to get a root canal retreatment.


Clearing the Air: 3 Myths about Root Canals You Shouldn’t Believe

August 5, 2023

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Patient talking to their dentist

Root canals have got to be one of the most misunderstood treatments in all of dentistry. Many people have the idea that they’re considerably scarier than they actually are, among plenty of other misconceptions that drive people away from the treatment.

The fact is that root canals can do a lot for people, and they aren’t something that you need to avoid. To clear the air, here are some common myths about root canals that you shouldn’t pay any mind to.


What Does Being Under Dental Sedation Feel Like?

July 2, 2023

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a patient receiving dental sedation

If you’d rather be anywhere else in the whole world than your dentist’s office for treatment, don’t worry—you aren’t alone! It’s estimated that about one-third of people in the US have a fear of dental treatment, which can make even simple checkups and cleanings a great hassle. Fortunately, sedation dentistry has emerged as the go-to answer for patients in this camp. Here’s more from your trusted dentist about sedation dentistry and some of the options that can be used to make your next dental checkup smooth and stress-free!  


Answering 3 Common Questions About Sedation Dentistry

June 9, 2023

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woman wearing a nitrous oxide mask

Sedation dentistry can be an absolute lifesaver for patients with dental anxiety—by safely administering comforting sedatives, we can put you completely at ease for the duration of your appointment. This can allow nervous patients to get everything from routine care to complex procedures that may not ordinarily be possible for them.

However, people who learn about sedation dentistry for the first time often have questions about what it entails. In the interest of preventing even further anxiety, here are answers to some common questions you might have.


5 Important Facts Everyone Should Know Before They Get Veneers

May 20, 2023

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Close-up of dentist picking up veneers

With their ability to correct multiple flaws at once, it’s easy to see why veneers are such an appealing option for patients who want to make extensive improvements to their smiles. Are you interested in using veneers to achieve a more dazzling grin? If so, there are a few things you need to know before starting the treatment. Here are 5 important veneer facts from your dentist.


Media – A Major Source of Dental Anxiety

April 6, 2023

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A woman suffering from dental anxiety

If you’re afraid of the dentist, you happen to be in good company. As many as 36% of US citizens fear dental treatment! That said, there’s a good chance your phobia is being aggravated by film and TV. You see, the connection between dental anxiety and media is such that the latter portrays dentistry poorly. In truth, though, dentists aren’t scary and often make their treatments comfortable. As proof, here’s a summary of the matter from your local Lexington practice.


3 Signs That Your Dentures Need Replacement

March 28, 2023

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denture split into two pieces

If you’ve had your dentures for a while, you probably understand the wonderful benefits that they can offer. You might have gotten so used to them that you almost forget what it was like not to have a set of teeth you can rely on!

However, dentures don’t last forever, and if you aren’t proactive you may very well have to go without them when they break. To prevent that, here are some signs that your dentures are in need of replacement.


3 Bad Habits That Could Compromise Your Dental Implants

February 12, 2023

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3-D Diagram of a dental implant

Dental implants are one of the most durable tooth replacement options there is. One study found that nearly 95% of them last for at least 20 years with proper maintenance. With a success rate that high, you might think that your dental implants are invincible.

Unfortunately, that’s far from the case. There are actually a few bad habits that could put your dental implants seriously at risk. Here are the most common examples of habits to avoid.


How Do I Stick to My New Year’s Resolution of Flossing More?

January 4, 2023

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father and son flossing

Do you cringe at the thought of your hygienist or dentist telling you to floss more often? There is only one solution, and it isn’t as difficult as many of us make it out to be. However, a lot of people still slack on their daily flossing. The New Year is a great time to make this change, but you will need to stick with it to see the benefits. Continue reading to learn from your dentist in Lexington why flossing is so important, plus get some tips to maintain your New Year’s resolution.

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