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Frequently Asked Dentistry Questions

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Dentistry is a big category of topics, and it’s understandable that many of our patients have questions and concerns when it comes to our offered services and amenities. For added convenience, the Dental Wellness of Lexington team has compiled some of the most popular queries we receive with their answers below. If you still don’t see the information you need after reading through this page, that’s not a problem either – just contact us directly! We’d be happy to discuss the matter with you.

How often should I be going to the dentist’s office?

In most cases, we recommend scheduling a dental checkup and cleaning every six months on average, or twice in a calendar year. If there are outlying circumstances (such as an oversensitivity to tooth decay or the presence of periodontal/gum disease) our dentists may recommend adding 1-2 more professional cleanings a year so that we can help you maintain good oral health more diligently.

What’s the best way to replace missing teeth?

While every patient’s needs, goals, and budgets are unique, we do recommend dental implants whenever possible because of their momentous health benefits and unparalleled ability to thrive for several decades at a time. Better yet, we offer every stage of the treatment process – including the surgery – right here in our Lexington, KY location for optimal convenience without added traveling time.

Do you provide emergency dentistry?

Absolutely! Whenever possible, our dentists will accommodate emergency situations like serious toothaches, knocked-out teeth, or fractured teeth on the same day as the patient’s call so that relief can be as immediate as possible. New and reoccurring patients alike can take advantage of this, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

I’m afraid of the dentist! Can you help?

Yes. In fact, Dr. Feck, Dr. Combs, and Dr. Wilson are considered some of the leading experts in sedation dentistry throughout all of Lexington! With nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) and/or IV sedation, we can calm frazzled nerves and create a relaxing atmosphere so that even the most extensive procedures proceed smoothly. By alleviating anxiety and fear effectively, our goal is to help you enjoy the oral health and confidence you deserve at last.

Do you offer free/discounted dental work?

In certain cases, yes. Dr. Feck offers monthly Clinics in IV sedation and dental implants to other dentists, and patients who agreed to participate in these Clinics can receive either free care (in IV sedation Clinics) or significantly discounted care (in dental implant Clinics). However, please keep in mind that these spots are very limited and based on overall need. If you are interested in learning more, please click here.

Do you take dental insurance?

Dental Wellness of Lexington is in-network with Delta Dental Premier and Cigna. We also file claims for a wide variety of other PPO insurances on the patient’s behalf to help them access their benefits. To learn more about your financial options, please visit our new patients page or contact us directly.