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Advanced Dental Implant Procedures – Lexington, KY

Providing a Healthy Foundation For Dental Implants

dentist pointing to a digital X-ray

Dental implants can last for several decades with an accurate, precisely planned treatment by a professional. At Dental Wellness of Lexington, our implant dentists want to make sure that your investment in a newly restored smile is well worth it, which is why they may suggest a supplementary treatment to make your oral structure more compatible with the procedure. If your jawbone isn’t quite dense enough or your sinuses are located in a non-ideal position, Drs. Feck, Combs, and Wilson may suggest getting a bone graft or sinus lift before your implants can be placed. That way, you won’t have to worry about complications occurring down the road. To learn whether you need preparatory procedures, schedule a consultation for dental implants today by contacting our office.

Why Choose Dental Wellness of Lexington for Dental Implants?

  • Dental Implant Experts On Staff
  • Implant Surgery Performed In-Office
  • Sedation Dentistry Available

Bone Grafting

computer animation of a dental implant in a mouth

Our team of nationally-recognized dental implant experts will examine your oral structure and facial feature during your initial consultation. At Dental Wellness of Lexington, our office is equipped with a CT/cone beam scanner and digital X-ray imaging so we can acquire a detailed image of your jawbone and mouth.

With the information that we gather, we’ll be able to determine whether your jawbone is dense enough to fully bond with the titanium implants. This part of the procedure is absolutely vital and gives your replacement teeth a strong and stable foundation to be secured to. Unfortunately, when people have been suffering from tooth loss for awhile, their jawbone may begin to deteriorate because it isn’t being stimulated. In these cases, it’s common for patients to receive bone grafts.

Bone grafts in Lexington allow us to increase the volume of a thinned-out area of your jawbone to provide your dental implants with better support. This can happen by either removing a small amount of bone from another area of your body and using it to rebuild your jaw or by using bone from an entirely different source, such as a donor.

Sinus Lifts 

computer model of a sinus being lefted

Another common supplementary procedure that patients need are sinus lifts in Lexington. After we collect images of your facial structure during your initial consultation, we’ll be able to see where your sinus cavities are located in relation to your upper jaw. If they’re too close, you will need to have them surgically lifted in order for your dental implants to be successfully placed.

The treatment will begin by making sure that you’re completely numb and can’t feel a thing. In order to gently push your sinuses upward to make room for the dental implants, your jawbone will need to be exposed using a small incision in your gums. After accessing the jawbone area and lifting the sinus cavities, bone graft material will replenish the density of your jaw. Finally, your gums will be stitched shut to heal, which typically takes place over the next two to three days.

After you’ve received any necessary preparatory procedures, you’ll be ready to schedule your dental implant surgery with confidence that your oral structure can support your new smile.