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What Is That Foul Odor Coming from My Dentures?

December 13, 2023

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Dentures are a tried-and-true way to restore a smile after extensive tooth loss. While dentures are designed to be comfortable and durable, they are not invincible and require daily cleaning practices in order to stay clean, functional, and fresh. Unfortunately, many denture patients find that their appliances start to smell bad after a while. Here’s how a set of dentures can acquire an unpleasant odor and how you can keep yours clean and scent-free.

How Can My Dentures Develop an Unpleasant Scent?

Dentures are made out of durable, high-quality materials, and this makes them immune to issues like cavities and tooth decay. They are also so comfortable when they fit right that it can be easy for a patient to forget that they are there. This can make it seem like a fair enough idea to go to sleep without removing them, but this is a habit that has unfortunate consequences.

Wearing dentures all day can be quite a workout for your gums, so it’s crucial that you remove your dentures for at least eight hours every day so your mouth can rest and clean itself. Leaving your dentures in your mouth overnight also allows any food trapped between them and the gums to feed multiplying bacteria. Dentures also need to be thoroughly cleaned on every surface on a daily basis, and neglecting to do so allows bacteria and plaque to accumulate. While high levels of oral bacteria increase your risk of gum disease, they can also leave your dentures smelling really bad.

How Can I Keep My Dentures Odor-Free?

Luckily, there are several things you can do to keep your dentures clean, fresh, and presentable. A few great denture hygiene tips include:

  • Rinse your dentures after eating: After enjoying a snack or meal, remove your dentures and give them a quick rinse under running water. This will help eliminate food particles before bacteria have much time to grow.
  • Rinse your mouth out when you remove your dentures: Whenever you remove your dentures, rinse your mouth out with water or water with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in it. This can flush much food residue and odor-causing bacteria from your mouth.
  • Brush your dentures daily: Carefully brush your dentures with a soft brush and an approved non-abrasive cleaner every day to remove plaque, food debris, and denture adhesive.
  • Soak your dentures before you go to bed: While dentures must be removed for at least eight hours every day, letting them dry out can cause them to become brittle or deformed. When you take yours out before bed, soak them in lukewarm water or an approved denture-cleaning solution overnight.

Dentures should give a patient a smile they can be proud of. With proper care, your dentures can keep you smiling bright without any unpleasant odors for up to ten years.

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