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Nutrition for New Teeth: How Vitamin D Supports Dental Implants

April 18, 2024

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A single tooth dental implant fusing with a patient’s mouth

Any dental implants you get should work in the long run. These restorations have a whopping ten-year success rate of 95%! That said, what if you want to give them even better odds? The answer is simple – increase your intake of vitamin D. It turns out this nutrient can ensure your implants’ long-term success. As for the reasons why, let your Lexington dentist explain. Read on to learn how vitamin D supports dental implants and some ways to get more of it.

Remember the Dental Implant Process

Vitamin D helps dental implants because of how they work. So, you’ll need to review the implant process to grasp what a nutrient can do for it.

Remember, dental implants don’t sit on your gums like dentures and dental bridges do. Dentists directly place them in the empty sockets of your jawbone. That way, the posts slowly fuse with your jaw’s bone tissue. This process (i.e., osseointegration) ensures your jawbone securely holds the implants. It’ll keep your new teeth from slipping or falling like other prosthetics can.

How Vitamin D Supports Dental Implants

Given the implant placement process, Vitamin D supports dental implants by doing two things. These are the following:

It Improves Implant Fusion

If you didn’t know, vitamin D is crucial to building and supporting your bones. It allows your body to absorb the calcium that strengthens bone tissue. As a result, it improves the fusion of your dental implants with your jaw. The nutrient promotes bone growth and keeps your new teeth in place.

It Reduces Your Post-Op Infection Risk

Vitamin D happens to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory traits. To that extent, it makes your immune system strong enough to fight off infections like gum disease. This effect is deeply beneficial to your dental implants’ long-term success. Because gum disease can cause implant failure, lowering your risk of it makes your treatment go more smoothly.

Tips on Getting More Vitamin D

To let your implants benefit from vitamin D, just get more of this nutrient. Here are some great ways to do so:

  • Eat a Vitamin-Rich Diet – Your body will have higher vitamin D levels if you eat fatty fish, beef liver, and fortified dairy items.
  • Get More Sun(light)  – Your body will make more vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, try tanning for about twenty minutes daily to produce the right amount.
  • Take Supplements – If food (literally) isn’t on the table, consume vitamin D from a supplement. You can take one that puts your levels at 600-800 international units (IU).

You now know how vitamin D supports dental implants. Having said that, use your new knowledge to make your new teeth last!

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